101 Trailer Sales Parts & Service



After purchasing your trailer, our Service Department can be your trailer's best friend.  A trailer,

like anything else, is subject to normal wear and tear, overloading, and a multitude of "over the

road" hazards.  "Off roading" your trailer in rough terrain only adds to the problem of keeping your

trailer on the road.

     We are fully equipped to repair most problems on your trailer, be it an enclosed, dump,

utility, car hauler, horse/stock, or special purpose unit.  Our involvement with RV's is limited to

suspension, brakes, hitches,and exterior tow lite problems on 5th wheel and and pull trailers

only.  However, We do change out deep cycle battery's on both RV's and Motorhomes.

     Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your trailer on the road safely.  Bearings,

brake systems, and lights should be checked on a regular basis and problems repaired promptly.

Trailers used in commercial and heavy duty applications should be serviced at least yearly, and

possibly more often, if high mileage and very heavy loads are a normal part of their operation.

Other problems should be addressed as they occur.  It is always more frustrating, expensive,

and time consuming to effect a repair alongside the road.  Regular maintenance can reduce the

odds of this happening to your trailer.

     Equipping your tow vehicle correctly is an essential part of trailer towing.  We provide and

install receiver, 5th wheel, and gooseneck ball hitches for all popular tow vehicles.  We install

and repair bedplug, tow light, and brake control systems on your vehicle.  We also install

air suspension systems on all popular trucks and vans.  Weight distributing hitches are also

installed and adjusted by our Service Department.  We do install brackets, tow bars, and lighting

systems for towing a car behind a truck or motorhome. 

     Our Service Department's promise to you is to provide a professional, timely, and

cost effective repair on your trailer or tow vehicle.  Our technicians have many years experience

in the trailer industry and our facility is well equipped to handle most of the problems that can

occur to your trailer.  We are available from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Tuesday through Friday, and

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays for your convenience.  We work on an appointment basis,

but will service "drive ins" time permitting.  "Drop off's" are also welcome.  Remember, our

prime objective is to keep you and your trailer "on the road".